Thursday, May 20, 2010

Weapons of Mass Destruction

A weapon of mass destruction has the ability to cause casualties and damage on a relatively large scale.Well, what if most of us own a weapon that causes horrific casualties and damage on a localized scale, but at a global level? Wouldn't that be another form of mass destruction? I think so. What is this weapon? As you've probably already guessed, it's your vehicle.

We cause accidents when we make stupid driving decisions: drinking; speeding; texting, to name a few. Over the years there have been many marketing campaigns to improve driver awareness of the consequences of bad decisions relating to road safety.

One video that is currently making the email circuit and has received more than three million views on YouTube, recently won an international award for its powerful portrayal of what can happen when people make the decision to drink and drive, speed or get distracted. The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) in Victoria, Australia, produced a five minute montage of ads in honour of the 20th anniversary of its awareness campaign, which aired over Christmas 2009.

Do videos like this really make a difference? Will someone change their behaviour after viewing the graphic demonstration of consequences? Maybe, maybe not. But it's worth a shot. Totallie my opinion. What do you think?

Check out "Everybody Hurts" on the TAC's YouTube Channel. (Go to the second video.)

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  1. These things definately make a difference - after all, people used to drive drunk all the time, hack darts when pregnant, litter in public, and all that other fun stuff that society frowns upon these days. We're all a bunch of do-good hippies now....and it's because of marketing. Boooooooooo!